Flutterbye Fairy Glider, Buttercup

Buttercup the Flutterbye Fairy Glider is the most playful of the Flutterbye fairies. Her colourful fabric wings provide a beautiful display when she is perched on her doll stand, either open in full spread or closed in rest. To prepare your Flutterbye Fairy Glider Buttercup for flight, simply click to open her wings and toss her lightly into the air. Her colourful wings will cascade on a current of air, flying gracefully back down until she sails across the ground. Launch her again and again, as she finds a new adventure with every flight. The magic is in your hands with Buttercup the Flutterbye Fairy Glider!

Dimensions: 25.4 x 25.15 x 5.84 centimetres (0.2 kg)

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Flutterbye Fairy Glider、バターカップ【海外直送】 - Flutterbye Fairy Glider, Buttercup-キャラクタードール